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The Essence of Provence

From the Vineyards to the Sea

On a warm summer day, the rolling hills of Provence are awash in a sea of vibrant purple and lavender. In French, Fleur de Mer means “Flower of the Sea.” Our pretty and delicate peach-pink Fleur de Mer Rosé celebrates the harmony of Provençal wines and the Provence region’s beautifully colorful and fragrant lavender hillsides, said to subtly influence the character of the wines. Basking in its exquisite Mediterranean seaside setting, Provence is known around the world as the quintessential region for Rosé, where the wine has been made for centuries in near-perfect growing conditions. Fleur de Mer is a classic Provençal Rosé that captures the essence of Provence.

Fragrant beauty of provence

The vineyards of Fleur de Mer are found in the Côtes de Provence, in a celebrated region known as the “golden triangle.” Between the towns of Cuers, Pierrefeu and Puget Ville, the golden triangle’s idyllic conditions are known for producing some of the most elegant, sophisticated and highest-quality grapes in the region.

Wine information

A Classic Provençal Rosé

Fleur de Mer Côtes de Provence Rosé Tasting Notes

A brilliant coral pink color, Fleur de Mer evokes aromas and flavors of fresh watermelon, cherry, subtle citrus, lavender and Mediterranean herbs. It is medium-bodied, fresh and elegant with a soft texture and mineral finish. Balanced and refreshing acidity.

Fleur de Mer is crafted by winemaker Florian Lacroux of the 50-year-old cooperative, Les Maîtres Vignerons de Saint-Tropez.

Enjoying a refreshing Mediterranean climate of warm days and cool, crisp nights, vine roots plunge deep below the dry clay soils and limestone gravel to find water.

The result is naturally low yields and small, intensely-flavored and deeply aromatic berries. The aromas and flavors of Fleur de Mer recall the lush garrigue that blankets the hillsides—a fragrant mixture of lavender, thyme, rosemary and other herbs and wildflowers that grow wildly upon the Provençal landscape.


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