Fleur de Mer Wine

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{ Bright and Beautiful }

Each sip of Fleur de Mer Rosé brings the allure of Provence to your table. Our crisp and refreshing style pairs perfectly with a life full of beauty.

{ Perfectly Provençal }

bottle in a basket with a lavendar flower

Fleur de Mer Rosé entices with notes of cherry, watermelon and citrus. We grow and make our wine in Provence, the world’s best-known Rosé region and home to a serene sense of artistry and beauty for centuries. Our sun-washed Mediterranean climate also provides the perfect conditions for crafting our Rosé. And the culture inspires the way our wine engages your senses in a uniquely Provençal fashion.

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{ Life In Lavender }

bottle on a table next to a glass with snacks

Lavender is the new pink. It’s more than an alluring hue of color, it is the very soul of Provence. Our appreciation of lavender celebrates the region’s beautifully colorful and fragrant lavender hillsides. Some even say they sense the alluring bouquet of lavender in our wine.

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{ Purchase }

We’re delighted to guide you to places where you can discover the allure of our true Provence-style dry Rosé for yourself.

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If you’re not able to find a location near you using the search above, please give us a call at 855‑877‑7374. We’re available to assist you Monday to Friday from 8-5 PST and Saturday from 9-3 PST.

We do our best to show availability with help from our independent distributors, but we cannot guarantee the listed locations will have our Rosé in stock this very instant. We suggest giving your location of choice a call, just to be sure.